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Open Minds Studios offers a variety of services:
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Exam preparation (ACT, SAT, etc)
Working alone, utilizing practice tests and/or online videos, only gets one so far.  To maximize scores, as well as admissions and scholarship opportunities, tutoring can help a great deal. 1 on 1 as well as small group tutoring available. 
1 to 1 Subject Tutoring
Available for all grades, classes, and skills.  Required for all high school level classes and some middle school classes.   
When is this option the right fit? We can discuss this!
Small Group Tutoring
 When 1 to 1 tutoring is not the right fit!
  • Students who need some help and can share a tutor.
  • Ideal for classmates studying for the same exam  using the same materials.
*We will discuss switching to 1 to 1 tutoring if small group is not working out well.
Study Skills
Study Skills are one of the most important kits students can have in their toolbox.  Study Skills affect in class participation, homework, and preparing for tests.  We will use your students class materials to help them learn to study more effectively. 
Test Taking Skills
Many students are anxious about taking tests.  Familiarity with content and specific strategies help reduce anxiety. 
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