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Subject Tutoring

Subject Tutoring Is working on a specific class - content, study skills, test taking skills - to be successful in that class on projects, homework, exams.  

Why consider Subject Tutoring?  There are times you just need help with a specific class (or maybe two) because:


· Your teacher is moving too fast

· You missed class

· You lack necessary foundational skills

· You find the subject matter difficult

· You process better when you discuss the material with someone

· You are unfamiliar with the vocabulary….


Please bring your textbooks, worksheets, study guides, and other class materials.  Open Minds has additional materials we can access. 


Subject tutoring is generally 1 to 1 with a tutor.  If you have a test study for or a project to complete and some of your friends are also in the class, ask about small group session(s). 


Subject tutoring is appropriate for all grades and subjects.  As we work with each student, we will identify skills that require improvement.  We will teach missing concepts and how to use critical thinking skills.

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