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Get Organized About Learning 

Adults make the assumption that every child/student has the natural ability to handle the complex task of being able to organize what they need to do: know how long it will take, when to start and what will be needed to complete the task.  This is not true.

Our G.O.A.L. (Get Organized About Learning) program can help.  Would you give your child the car keys the day they got their permit and send them off alone on the Parkway with no training?  No!  You would teach, advise, practice and be sure they are ready to drive on their own. And they would have to prove it!   The same applies to schoolwork.   

  • We work with students checking notebooks, planners and online gradebooks. 

  • We believe in accountability.  Saying something is not enough – we want to see it! If your students says their grades are good, we want to see them!  

  • We help plan out the week, so assignments and studying are broken down into manageable pieces and not left to the last moment. 

  • We believe the plan should be written down and shared between the student, the parents and us. 

  • We believe in letting students handle more of the responsibility as they gain the skills to do so. 

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