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I struggle in math. How can I improve my math grade?

  1. Create a math dictionary with the word, meaning, example and picture

  2. Make flashcards with key ideas and concepts so you can glance at them during a spare minute

  3. Identify the knowns, unknowns and how they relate to each other before you solve the problem. Draw a picture of what the problem describes

  4. Write down your step-by-step strategy to solve the problem

  5. Show all your work. Don’t rush. Take your time to be careful with your work

  6. Try to go from complex to simple. Find patterns and connections from previously solved problems or thinking models

  7. Practice, practice, practice especially during the summer and breaks. Math builds on itself and forgetting an old skill makes it hard to learn new material.

  8. Use mnemonics and gamification such as rhymes and songs to memorize formula

  9. Write a cheat sheet at the top of your test before you look at test

  10. Pretend that the test is just homework so you view test as having lower stakes

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