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Online Tutoring!  

You asked and we are ready to move into online tutoring!  How does it work?  

We use an online video conferencing / whiteboard program for tutoring. 

  • Video conferencing allows us to see each other the entire session.

  • The whiteboard allows us to communicate with each other!

  • ​We can share documents, .jpgs, screenshots​.

  • The whiteboards can be saved as a .pdf and shared, so you have notes from the session. 

  • Works with both Windows and Mac computers.

What types of classes / subjects work well with online tutoring?

  • Math

  • Science

  • SAT or ACT prep

Online tutoring works well for

  • students with busy schedules

  • students who do not drive

  • days the weather is bad

Call to discuss whether online tutoring is a good fit for you!  If it is, we will discuss how to schedule appointments and make payments. 

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