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Summer Classes

June 2017

Intro to Kumihimo Braids

Dates:  Mon, June 12; Mon, June 19; Mon, June 26
Time:   10:00-11:30 am
Ages:    6 y.o. and beyond
Fee:      $50 (includes disk loom and yarn)
Minimum class size:  5 students
Maximum class size:  10 students


Learn how to make kumihimo braids – Japanese multi-strand braids using a disk loom.   We will explore basic technique, pattern and color, and design. 

Day 1:  Learn the basics of the 8 strand braid and perfect your technique.   You will be making a basic bracelet.

Day 2:  We will discuss patterns for different effects.  You may also opt to increase the number of strands for more complex designs.

Day 3:  We will move into design – how can you create your own designs and draft the patterns!  Those who wish to continue exploring pre-made designs may do so!

We will also discuss how to add closures to your bracelets / designs so they stay on your wrist!

Math of Texas Hold'Em

Dates:  Tues, June 13; Tues, June 20; Tues, June 27
Time:   6:00-8:00 pm

Ages:    12 y.o. and beyond (great for kids and parents!)
Fee:      $60 
Minimum class size:  4 students
Maximum class size:  12 students

Did  you ever ask yourself "When am I ever going to find a real life use for Statistics and Probability?"  or "Why can't math be more fun?" This is the class for you!

Learn the basics of Texas Hold'Em from a 20 year casino veteran.  The basics include how to play, how to bet (not with real money!), how to determine how many "outs" you have in a hand, and the odds of winning!

This is a great class for family groups!

Phone Photography

Dates: Wed, June 14; Wed, June 21; Wed, June 28

Time:  10 am - 11:30 am

Ages: 10-14 years old (Middle schoolers)
Fee: $50
Minimum class size:  3 students
Maximum class size 8 students

You already know how to take pictures with your phone / tablet.  Outside of apps like Snapchat, do you know how to edit your photos?  This course will help you understand the basics of phone photography as well as how you can use apps to enrich your photos and other tools to further your photo-taking skills.  Students need to bring their own phone or tablet

Where Origami and Geometry Meet

Dates:  Mon, June 12 - Thurs, June15
Time:  10:00-12:00
Ages:  10 - 18 y.o. (middle & high school students)
Fee:  $100 (includes books and materials)
Minimum class size:  3 students
Maximum class size: 8 students


Do you like folding paper into three dimensional creations? This class is designed for the creative and the mathematical at heart. Art meets geometry! Explore geometrical shapes and three dimensional solids through the centuries old tradition of origami. You will be provided with an origami book and special paper to take home so you can keep on folding! Join us for some paper folding fun!

Summer Reading
Yippee Amigos and Amigas!


Option 1:


Dates:  Tues, June 13; Thurs, June 15
              Tues, June 20; Thurs June 22
Time:  10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Ages:  Pre-K – 3rd grade


Option 2:  


Sates:  Sat, June 10, Sat, June 17, Sat, June 24
Time:  9:00 - 11:30 am

Fee:  $60 (includes all materials)
Minimum class size:  5 students
Maximum class size:  10 students


Yippee Amigos and Amigas!!

Practice your reading skills this summer with Miss Chris and Skippyjon Jones…the Siamese kitten with an imagination so powerful he becomes “Skippito Friskito”…the Mexican chihuahua, sword fighting superhero who takes on “El Blimpo Bumblebeeto Bandito”!!  Will Skippito be able to save los frigoles from Alfredo Buzzito for his amigos, Los Chimichangos?  Ay Carumba!  What are los frigoles anyway?  Read with Miss Chris and find out.


Reading Objectives will include:

  • Sight word review and vocabulary building

  • Making connections and predictions as we read

  • Reading for enjoyment


Hands on Enrichment Activities

  • Superhero masks

  • “Holy guacamole” recipe and snack activity

  • Learn to Mexican Hat Dance

  • …special activities you learn about only if you sign up!

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