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Intro to SAT

Tips, Tools, Timing, Rules

OMS offers a 4 hour introduction to the timing, rules, tricks and tips for all sections of the SAT: 

 Reading, Writing, No-Calculator Math and Calculator Math. 


The class covers test structure, timing, types of questions, key words, and more!


Example:  Eddie heard he should not take the SAT cold.


As used in the statement above, “cold” means:

a)  low temperature            b)  unemotional

c)  without preparation      d)  common viral infection


Eddie chose A.  Eddie hates being cold. He tried to add a layer for warmth but it didn’t go well. 


Correct answer: C

Tip:  The answer to this type of question on the SAT is not the most common definition. 

$60 / person                  Registration required

Materials provided       Please bring calculator


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