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Intro to ACT

Tips, Tools, Timing, Rules


Eddie heard he should not take the ACT when cold.


1.  A)  No Change

     B)  ACT with a cold.

     C)  ACT cold.

     D)  ACT, when cold.

Eddie chose A.  Eddie hates being cold. He decided to add a layer for warmth but he couldn't fill in the bubble sheet neatly with his gloves on.  He scored a 1 out of 36. 

Correct answer: C

Tip:   The use of the word “cold” in this example does not refer to temperature or illness, ruling out options A, B & D.  It refers to taking the test without any preparation, option C.

OMS offers a 4 hour introduction to the timing, rules, tricks and tips for all sections of the ACT (English, Math, Reading Comprehension, and Science). 

Sat, 24 March; Sat, 31 Mar -or- Sat, 7 April from 10 am-2 pm 
$60 / person
Registration required 

Please bring calculator

Beverage and snacks / lunch ok to bring as well!

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