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Academic Support

Academic Support takes on many different forms:

  • Homework help

  • Assistance studying for quizzes and tests

  • Learning skills for

    • being more organized​

    • studying more effectively and efficiently

    • test taking

How do you know if your child could benefit from academic support?

  • They do not understand how to do their homework 

  • Homework scores are high but they do not do well on quizzes and/or tests

  • They claim they never have homework or they did it at school but their online gradebook shows missing assignments or low scores

  • Homework comes home but does not get turned in

  • Homework causes fights and stress in your household

Our goal is to stop the fighting and stress by providing support for the immediate concerns (homework, quiz, test) and at the same time, help students become more independent learners.  

If your student needs Academic Support, please contact us at 412-600-1125.  We will be happy to meet with you to discuss options and work on a game plan for firming up skills.   

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