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Exam Prep

ACT, SAT, and more

We would never recommend going into any test situation without a well thought out game plan.   Preparing for these tests helps with content, timing, strategy, and even anxiety. 

All Exam Prep includes:

1)  Overview of the structure of the test you are preparing for

2)  Score goals - how many questions do you need to get right to reach your goal?

3)  Timing Game Plan for each content area

4)  Subskill content (for ACT - English, Math, Reading and Science; for SAT - Reading, Writing and Math)

5)  Test taking / Study skill strategies

We offer a variety of small group classes for ACT/SAT as well as 1 to 1 tutoring. 

Small Group ACT / SAT Prep

Preparing for the ACT / SAT can be more enjoyable in a small group of friends!  

You can organize your own group of 2-3 students (more is possible as well) to prepare together!  This helps bring the price down as well as make prep more fun!  How does it work?

  • Schedules can be flexible -but-

  • All students need to attend sessions as a group

  • We are able to individualize programs to some degree but if you are looking for something more individualized, 1 to 1 may be a better option

  • You can create a mix of both small group and 1 to 1!

Call 412-600-1125 to discuss details and options!


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